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Planning a multi-column HTML design

As you probably know, there are three types of HTML email design: one-column, two-column and multi-column email design. The third one is definitely the most complex, although it follows similar rules. It is usually used to send out special promotions hence it contains much less in terms of content and links.

In fact, one large image with small explanatory and maybe some links below the image should be enough. The first step when you plan a multi-column email design is to take a jpg of the HTML email to be coding into Photoshop, set it against the white background and print out the result.

If you like, you can work in Photoshop and use various tools to determine the background colors, border colors and other colors used within the HTML email. You can set the height as well as the width of different elements and when you have all the details defined for your HTML email, the next step is to define the HTML table layout for that email.