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Designing plain text emails

In addition to knowing how to design and code an HTML email, it is important to learn how to design and code a plain text email. Both HTML email design and plain text email design have severe limitations that designer must work around. For example, when it comes to plain text email, the limitations are no images, all the content is vertical, you cannot move content around to emphasize important content, you cannot increase fond seize or use colors. The header and the logo cannot be integrated within plain text emails. Here you can only have artifacts about the images you have to text and links to explore button, but not the link itself.

If you wonder how you should design a plain text, you should know that it is recommended to start with the headings, which can be written in different styles. In addition, you can use divider characters. These are represented by all the non-alphabetical characters on the keyboard. A number of these dividers might be used to divide the space within a plain text email, or you could use numbers.

A designed must also deal with the width of the text. With Notepad ++ you can tell the number of characters width that your text email is by looking column information down at the bottom of the Notepad ++ editor. When it comes to your plain text email, you probably need between 60 and 80 characters in order to avoid line wraps that HTML emails software often puts in with plain text email. However, it is always better to do the line wraps by yourself than to have an email software do it for you. Furthermore, you are ready to apply your design ideas and keep in mind that if you use a lot of white space, this gives you lot of room and makes it easier to scan. When you deal with links, you can choose to add white spaces or you can put them directly under, you can wrap the link in the divider or you can remove the divider. However, if you decide to use some text or dividers before adding the link, it should not be wider that your 60 characters. You definitely don't want links to break into the next line so pay attention to this aspect. The third approach regarding links is to treat them as footnotes, to wrap characters around them and assign them a number and then put the links down at the bottom. Overall, designing a plain text email requires skills and efforts to succeed but the results are definitely appealing.