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How to create a plain text email

In addition to knowing how to design and code HTML email, it is also important to learn how to design and code a plain text email. You should virtually learn some basic design techniques for this type of design but keep in mind that the steps that you follow are almost the same as in the case of any HTML email design.

For instance, you can use the same copy and you can begin by separating the link to the web page version of your newsletter and notice your email account owner about where you got their email address. You can use some dashes as a divider up there. Next you should add some space in order to make the mail easier to read , a  headline as well as the other paragraphs and links in the corresponding order.

You should use caps to highlight certain messages and double space if needed. The same thing happens with the footer, where you typically have numerous links: you add the link title and the link. At the bottom you have the information about the company in a single block of text and of course, the copyright message. You can even link to a privacy policy if you want and finally, you use the same dividers as you did at the top of your email in order to separate the legal disclaimer section.

For many people, designing a plain text email is a lot more engaging, a problem to solve than an HTML email given that once you have design solutions that work, converting the text in an HTML is quite simple.