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Planning your email designs

As you probably already know, there are three different email designs: one-column, two-column and multi-column product emails. Before you code your email, a certain planning process is required. You should start with jpg image of the email and you can use Photoshop to determine the different elements of the design, including their colors, weighs. This will give you an idea of how you should develop the design in terms of coding tables. After you plan the basic elements of your design, you can begin to actually code your emails.

In addition, you should not waste your efforts and time for background images and colors that are not easily displayed in your clients' emails. However, when you are planning email designs, the major concern is related to the fact that it could be blocked in the spam filters. Taking into consideration this possibility, you must ensure that your emails have a better chance of being welcomed in the inbox. You must follow the best practices and maintain a balance when you code you emails. Remember that simple is the way to go and there is both art and science in creating an appealing email that generates results.