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How to add content within a two-column HTML design

Once you have coded the layout of your HTML email, you must work on adding content. As it happens when coding the design, you should also begin with the pseudo body table for the HTML email. Next you can add copy, such as a link to a web version of the newsletter, content that tells your subscribers how you got their email address and how can they unsubscribe from your email list. In the email itself you add copy for the left column area but keep in mind that it might be necessary to highlight certain elements.

As it happens with the design, when you add content, you also start with the pseudo body table and the wrapper table for the HTML email. Next you will add copy so you will link to the web page version of the newsletter, tell readers how you got their email address and of course, let them know how to unsubscribe from your email list. In the email itself, you have copy for each column area and you can also add images and code them as a table.  However, each instance of a image, copy or explore link, make up a single HTML table that is nestled within the table data cell. Although you have many blocks within this section, they all must be nestled within the large table data cell. After you add all the images, links and content, you can move down to the footer table.

As we already mentioned the footer has several blocks where you can add content. You put the paragraph tags and anchor tags on their own individual lines, the copy on their individual lines and them you close them. This allows even people without programming skills to change content without intervene within the HTML code. The code is pretty much the same for each box of the footer, the differences are made by the images and the URLs used. At the bottom, you must also put additional information about your company in order to comply with the CAN-SPAN law.