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Solutions for image related problems in Gmail

When you send an HTML email to Gmail, you may encounter a series of problems due to the fact that it simply responds only to inline CSS. Hence you cannot have CSS outside of any HTML table tag, table data cell tag, paragraph tag, etc. Gmail will ignore all other definitions of CSS unless it is within an HTML tag. The issues related to Gmail have to do with background images on table and table data cells, on sizes and font colors.

Consequently, when you test your HTML email in Gmail, you might find that if you have a dark background, for example, then your color is not coming out because it is too dark. The solution is to simply force the font color. In addition, if you have a problem with the font size and you cannot correct it with a style decoration, you can also use the size value in the font tag.

If you don't force the font color and size, you should always define the color of your links, just to avoid any other issues. Furthermore, to display background images in Gmail, a solution is to add VML code.