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Elements of a HTML email design

There are many challenges that you have to deal with when you create an HTML email design. Most of the time this type of email is limited by the email software that you are using, however you have to create something appealing that makes it easier for readers to scan the content. Apart from this, there is a strong connection between your website design and your email design because they both help clients to identify easier your business and pay increased attention.

Before creating an email design, you should pay attention to your website and divide it into a grid and key elements, such as logo, top navigation and content columns. You main goal is to converge your web design into a grid and a series of interlocking boxes.  There are three essential designs used in an email: single-column-for announcements, double-column, used for newsletters and multi-column, used for catalogs with products.  They all use a single HTML table to make up your email design but they require certain programming skills.

If you don't have enough skills, you should a HTML email template that can be easily customized to cater your particular needs and requirements.