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SPAM - both a burden and an opportunity

SPAM is a widely used internet term that usually has a negative meaning given the huge amounts of unsolicited email s that people receive on regular basis. Moreover, responding to this kinds of emails expose email account owners to fraud and theft. SPAM represents a huge industry taking into consideration that hackers create and send emails to hundreds of millions of people. When it comes to SPAM, the email version, the most important thing is to ensure that your HTML email will pass through SPAM filters and get in the inbox of your subscribers. When you are planning an email marketing campaign you have to take into consideration CAN-SPAM law in order to avoid spam complains, for it is the one which decides whether or not your communication is legal.

It is highly important to ensure that your emails are legitimate and the best thing to do this is to avoid doing what spamers do. For instance, it is not legitimate to send emails with HTML without plain text or to include images that tell your subscribers that your email account is real. Links with odd URLs as well as certain words, including free, lottery, sale, are also detected by spam filters which consequently, will block your emails. If you want to ensure a higher deliverability rate for your emails, you have to start thinking like a “spam filter” when designing your email. Moreover, spam also represent both a burden and an interesting opportunity, for most of the solutions to spam involve paying increased attention to the who are receiving your emails and this can only strengthen your customer relationships.