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The importance of MIME

In order to execute a successful email marketing campaign, you must first understand what exactly is an email, for it is definitely more than what you see in your inbox. In fact, it is very similar to web pages which are both content and the code used to display that content. In addition, you should know that the internet is made of interlocking standards - http, ftp, CSS, XHML/ HTML- for web pages, email, video, etc.

Virtually, there are two types of email: plain text and HTML and MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) describes the standards for creating and sending over the internet. The tricky part is that you can see one of these versions and not realize that the other version is hidden within it.

Every single multipart email that includes a HTML email and a text email has a basic structure. In order to avoid being labeled as a spammer, you have to send a text version in addition to the HTML version because spammers usually focus on HTML version without including the text one.

However, MIME is a fundamental element of communication protocols which describes the mechanisms for sending information in email and many times it goes beyond describing the content in email to describe the content type in general, including for the web.  Before creating an email marketing, it is a must to have a comprehensive understanding of the concept of MIME.