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Confirm you emails display fine in popular email software

Testing HTML email before you sent it out is a highly important step because it allows you to see how your emails are displayed in different email software. There are several basic ways to test your emails before sending them out and you should use the ones that cater your requirements. Most software designed to open and  display HTML email use web browsers on the computer so the first way to test your HTML emails is to use different web browsers. You can start with Firefox, Chrome or Safari in order to see how your emails display with standards complying email software.

Furthermore, you should test your HTML email with service like Adobe Browserlab. This is a free online service from that allows you to  see how your HTML email will display in a range of web browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 which is used older versions of Outlook. The best thing is that this tool provides you with a little bit more insight into how you code might not display with older email software.

However, Browserlab works great and it is very easy to set up. How far you test is up to you and it depends on the email software your email subscribers most commonly use.

Most people test locally on their computers with a few web browsers as they build their HTML email and then they use online testing services to confirm their email displays fine in many web browsers.