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Help & Support

Basic Steps. How to use

You have to know few important and basic settings about how to configure and use Fast Email Sender software: Configure your email account(s). Find all documentation about how to configure in Delivery methods page. ...

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Delivery methods

The choice depends, first of all, on the availability of a good SMTP server. If your ISP SMTP server is able to handle many messages in fast sequence, or even sending more messages simultaneously, using an SMTP server is faster and more reliable, since your SMTP server is “closer” ...

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How to import recipients

Click Email Groups button to manage recipient lists of emails. In Recipient Groups Manager you can add, edit or remove recipient lists of emails. You have ...

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How to manage recipients

  You can edit or add new Email Groups any time. For this you have to click Email Groups button from the top menu software. After that select ...

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How to write a newsletter

Newsletters have over the past few years have become quite a famous tool for business owners as the best way to communicate to the ...

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How to send newsletters

Getting your products, thoughts and ideas to the correct audience is not always an easy task. The internet is a vast resource, yet is so large that you may need help utilizing it's full capabilities. Using electronic newsletters is a popular practice that can help disseminate information. Whe ...

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